Coşkun Karademir

Coşkun Karademir is known in Turkey with his traditional music works as a musical director, producer and bağlama master for many years. He emerged onto the world stage in 2016 with his group The Secret Ensemble, which featured Iranian vocalist Mahsa Vahdat, released the album Kuşların Çağrısı. His later album Endless Path with Mahsa Vahdat in 2017, produced by Erik Hillestad and released under the KKV label. Both albums receipt with excitement and selected as “Top of the World Album” by UK’s Songlines Magazine and received good reviews. In his latest album Essence Coşkun Karademir returns back to the innovative fusion style he created with eastern and western instruments, this time with a quartet. Coskun Karademir Quartet, he brings very selective music masters once again. Other than his mastership with bağlama and kopuz instruments he uses duduk, cello and percussion to create the sound in this mind. Different pieces are melted and transformed into a new understanding with the experience of visionary musicians who aims to bring East and West together in with a strong narrative.