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OLD MUSIC | Erkan Oğur, Derya Türkan & Coşkun Karademir | Frankfurt


Masters of Anatolian Classics

Anatolian music tells us different stories every time you look back. Every time it is authentic, healing and new. For over centuries Poets, musicians felt obligation to remind us the new inside the old. Under the light of the masters this “The Old Music” Project actually tells us “The oldest music is the newest one”.
This Project brings 3 names considered as the prides of Turkish ethnic music.
Erkan Ogur, a signature for every Anatolian piece he recreated and performed with his fretless guitar and voice.
Derya Turkan, a reputable musician with his new music and extraordinary interpretation of classic pieces with his Istanbul Kamancha.
And Coskun Karademir, a musical director who carried Anatolian and Sufi music to the center of international world music chamber with his non-conventional cooperations and projects.
Kamancha, Guitar, Kopuz and Baglama will gather to inspire hearts with this new understanding of the old music.
Old Music will bring some drops together from every century. You will hear Samarian Lullyby and Instrumental Anonym folk tunes, Yunus Emre and Hatayi at the same time.
The strings will create a sound to make all the audience capture and remember the noble feelings of the lands music makes you feel. The music fermentation of this lands will be resurrected and come alive at this old music adventure.
Every stop will speak to the ones on the road. To the ones on The Music Path

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