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DERYA TÜRKAN / Istanbul Kamancha
COŞKUN KARADEMİR / Baglama, Kopuz, Singing

Anatolian music has always told different stories. In it, listeners always find an authentic and healing sound. For centuries, poets and musicians felt obliged to remind us of the new that lies hidden in the old. In the tradition of the old masters, the “Old Music” project shows us that the oldest music is also the youngest.

“Old Music” unites two artists who are considered to be the origin of the pride of Turkish ethnic music:

Derya Turkan, a highly respected musician who interprets classical pieces with his Istanbul Kamancha in a new, extraordinary way.
And Coskun Karademir, a musical director who has helped Anatolian and Sufi music to gain worldwide recognition with his unconventional collaborations and projects.

In Old Music, the interplay of Kamancha, Kopuz and Baglama creates a new understanding of traditional music.

The project brings together traces from all centuries. It contains sounds from Samarian lullabies and instrumental folk songs, as well as from Yunus Emre and Hatayi.

The strings create a sound that reminds the audience of the noble feelings of the old countries. The musical ferment of these countries is brought back to life and presented to the audience.

Each station on this journey will speak to those who are en route — en route on the path of music.


24 november
20:00 - 21:00


Int. Theater Frankfurt
Hanauer Landstraße 5-7,
Frankfurt am Main, 60314 Duitsland
+49 69 4990980

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